Imagine a bacon-wrapped Ferrari. Still not better than our free technical reports.

ZeroTurnaround’s new website possibly uses subliminal messaging

No we don’t, but we do have a new look! We are more than pleased to announce the launch of our much improved website, blog and overall company look. While our old website was getting the job done, rest its soul (now residing in last version afterlife), we hope you will enjoy the new color scheme, videos, and most importantly, enhanced NAVIGATION…

Here are a few notable sections that you will definitely want to watch for:

What else is new?

ZeroTurnaround Labs – We strive to speak with a voice in the industry for both continuous development and delivery, and love to give back. One way that we constantly aim to do so is through content, tutorials, technical articles and professional research reports (such as our 2012 Developer Productivity Report). Once this section is up, you will have the opportunity to access our library of editorials, reports and videos. Bacon-wrapped Ferrari’s (commented upon by Atlassian’s CEO) are just the beginning, and our dedicated content team is going to make things a lot more interesting.

Until this time comes, we hope you enjoy our new website and the manipulative color scheme specifically designed to stimulate the “tech purchase” center of your brain to buy our products ;-)

Note: This has been not proven to work by zero psychologists, but at least the new site looks good.

“Project Ignacio” – the ZT website redesign team

  • ArtjomKurapov

    I like fonts and flatness, but

    1. contact icons on the left are annoying. Move them down, I’m trying to read after all.
    2. green color for background is ok, but for links inside an article is too light. Same thing with light-gray in the menu. I bet contrast influences navigation and as a result – product conversion
    3. forum still uses old skin.
    4. search doesnt seem to use native skin at all.

    The zeroturnaround logo I would make into a DNA section. Its still a zero, but at least its a part of Java DNA thingy…