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ZeroTurnaround wins “Breakthrough of the Year Award”

That’s right! We won an award again. Again.

Ladies and gentleman, the “Breakthrough of the Year Award” given to us from the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL) was presented to ZeroTurnaround Co-Founder and CEO, Jevgeni Kabanov, and Co-Founder and former male model, Toomas Romer.

The ceremony took place in Estonia on April 25th, 2013, during the 15th ITL awards. Dressing to a “tee” Jevgeni and Toomas stated “we enjoy making a positive impact on the industry, and intend to keep growing the business.”  “We are hopeful that ZeroTurnaround’s award win will inspire other Estonian start-ups to pursue their world-changing dreams as well.”

We are ecstatic that the world continues to recognize our incredibly talented team and our killer products that keep breaking through barriers of success. We are not one to brag… but this is not the first, nor will it be the last, recognition of our long hours of pure magic at the office. The truth is that being honored by awards just feeds us with a huge sense of pride and love for what we do.

Our steady growth has been the driving force and such recognitions give us the opportunity to reflect in our incredible accomplishments. ZeroTurnaround has, in a short period of time, increased the list of organizations we work with to 3,500 companies around the world and a team, which started with 2 people in 2007, now has grown to over 90 employees worldwide from Estonia to USA to Czech Republic, UK and Belgium.

All forward-looking accomplishments will be the result of our leadership style and an environment of team oriented ZeroTurnarounders aiming towards a common goal. It is the unique combination of our enablers: creativity, collaboration, responsibility and whimsy that reflects the commitment to hard work and  the result of having incredible amounts of fun while doing it. So thanks to the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunication for giving us yet another reason to be cocky.