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ZeroTurnaround wins 2012 Estonian-American Innovation Award

(From left: ZT General Manager Estonia Riina Einberg, ZT President & COO Alex Laats, Estonian Parlimentary Speaker Ene Ergma and US Ambassador to Estonia Jeffrey D. Levine)

It just keeps happening – yesterday in frozen Estonia, US Ambassador Jeffrey D. Levine and Parliamentary Speaker Ene Ergma presented ZeroTurnaround with the 2012 Estonian-American Innovation Award. Dear readers, please avoid confusing this with the Enterprise Estonia Innovator Award 2011 that ZeroTurnaround won last year.

Issued by the U.S. Embassy in Tallinn, The Baltic-American Freedom Foundation and the American Chamber of Commerce in Estonia, the award was created last year to recognize innovative Estonian-American partnerships. ZeroTurnaround was finally chosen among other Estonian finalists Click&Grow, Cybernetica,, Let’s Do It!, and Marinexplore.

According to ZeroTurnaround CEO and Founder, Jevgeni Kabanov “the US is crucial both as a market and as a source of stellar sales expertise for Estonian companies.”

“When we launched our sales office in Boston last year, we sought to take our growth to the next level–and we’re pleased with the progress made so far. Clearly, bringing our Estonian and American teams to work in unison was a top priority this year. With that in mind, the Innovation Award’s focus is spot on: it recognizes the smart and successful combination of American and Estonian expertise.”

ZeroTurnaround President & COO Alex Laats had this to say:

“Having spent so much time in the entrepreneurial community in the United States, it’s exciting to see the culture of entrepreneurship manifest itself globally. In this way, Estonia is an incredible example here, with its explosion in technology, innovation and start-ups that are having a major impact around the world. Combining that with the go-to-market expertise in the US is generating fantastic results for us and we’re very pleased to see it recognized today.”

Based on the explosive growth Zeroturnaround is experiencing, and the fact that we have won 6 awards since June 2011, the company can predict winning an estimated 9.5 awards in 2013. But let’s not hold our breath….

Thanks to all of our supporters who love what we do – it makes us love what we do even more!