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ZeroTurnaround Welcomes Simon Maple, New Technology Evangelist

Fresh from an IBM cubicle, we’re happy to welcome Simon Maple to the ZeroTurnaround team as Technology Evangelist.

Just one week into the job and Simon is already seeing a couple of differences between gainful employment at the world’s largest IT company and a basement-grown Estonian start up over 75 people.

“I was always expecting big differences between the roles, which was one of the reasons I wanted to experience both sides of the industry.  I’m not missing all the meetings that often seemed to rule my daily schedule, which has given me a lot more time to focus on my day job.  I’m the kind of person who is good at getting the job done, and working for a smaller company like ZeroTurnaround can really help me achieve that quickly and effortlessly.

Plus, now I can wear a hoodie a lot of the time,” he smiled.

Formerly IBM UK’s technical evangelist for WebSphere Application Server (+ Liberty profile), Simon’s main duties at ZeroTurnaround will initially focus on technological evangelism for JRebel, Java’s most popular “redeploy killer” that over 3000 technology companies use today.

But other ideas that he’s working on include a blog series and loads of technical content production for not only the JRebel and LiveRebel spheres, but also for RebelLabs, the research think-tank of ZeroTurnaround.

“One of the first things on my list is education – I’m doing a deep-dive in the Java ecosystem,” he remarked. In addition to ZeroTurnaround’s products Simon plans on refreshing his familiarity with the inner works of the JVM and Classloaders, Jenkins/Hudson CI, Continuous Delivery, Scala, Groovy and more.

Naturally, one of Simon’s priorities is to engage heavily with the Java User Group community and to spend time on the ground in developer meetups, sessions and events.

“The Java User Groups and communities offer a really vibrant environment where you can meet and chat to a wide range of developers.  It’s so important to connect with the ‘real’ users of Java so that we can use real input and feedback to produce better products.  JRebel and LiveRebel fix problems which the everyday Java developer and ops teams regularly face, the only way we can continue to make these offerings awesome is to engage with the everyday developers and operations folks.”

Keep an eye out for more from Simon, and if you’d like to know more about how ZeroTurnaround wants to sponsor your Java User Group, monthly meetup, hack-fest, contact or @sjmaple on Twitter.