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ZeroTurnaround temporarily relocates offices to Hellenic beachside

Fact #1: ZeroTurnaround creates Java productivity tools for Dev and Ops.
Fact #2: ZeroTurnaround functions at a very efficient and high level of energy.
Fact #3: ZeroTurnaround can maintain this level of output on a beach in Greece… wait, what???

ZeroTurnaround is going back to Crete! In a bold move by management, we have decided to test the boundaries of productivity and send our entire team (now 65 people) to the island of Crete for a little work and play (similar to last year’s company retreat). Founder and CEO Jevgeni Kabanov has always preached the necessities of taking care of his team and rewarding great work, and it’s safe to say he is following through on his word.

“We are already 20% above of our entire 2011 revenue, and we still have 5 months in the year to go – I am over the moon to be able to give back to the team,” says Kabanov. “Plus, as operating and office expenses are always something to minimize, working from a free, public beach is incredibly cost effective.”

Not only will we be laying on the beach, eating olives and drinking wine (naturally), but we will be running business as almost usual (when not drinking wine of course). Our sales team will continue to make sales and provide support to our customers. Marketing will continue to churn out content, tweet, and make pretty diagrams. And our development team will continue to geo-cache…errr I mean, write code.

“I’m mostly pumped to check out Crete’s internet access – I’ve heard only great things, especially from our local friend & Java Champion, Heinz Kabutz,” commented Toomas Römer, Director of Engineering. “Last year he took us swimming and nearly exhausted the entire brain trust of ZeroTurnaround by over-snorkeling. Plus, I’ve got some new cartwheel moves to try”.

This effort gives our team, located in 3 different countries, the opportunity for some much needed face time and team breakout sessions. Want to know what our development team has planned for 2013? Team members will have the opportunity to attend “un-conference” sessions where they will learn about the different departments activities first hand.

“Working at ZeroTurnaround is like living in a dream, within a dream, wrapped in an engima,” stated John Poole, Senior Account Executive, looking nervously over his shoulder as his boss nodded approval. :)

ZeroTurnaround is a lifestyle company.  Our products and overall company are only as good as the people who create them.

We will be traveling the first week in September so if we are a little slower to respond please bear with us, but rest assured we are still online.  Pictures and videos to follow, so make sure you check back in to see how our trip went

  • No comments? I’m appalled :)

  • Peter Koch

    Have fun and best regards to Heinz!

  • Jim Barrows

    Most of us are too busy being envious and/or convincing management to join you to comment. :) *LOL*

  • Vladimir Pavlov

    Have a lot of fun guys, be productive as usual, and also enjoy some ouzo ;-)

  • Thanks everyone! We will indeed have a good time there – any coding too! :-)