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ZeroTurnaround receives President of Estonia at new company HQ

President Toomas Hendrik Ilves of Estonia is a tall, impeccably dressed man with a bow tie whose 45-minute visit to our bigger and brighter offices might at first seem intimidating to a group of geeks. Luckily, President Ilves has a bit of inner geek of his own–the visit marked an occasion to celebrate ZeroTurnaround’s contributions and impact on Estonian economy and awareness and reach of Estonian IT in the world. ZeroTurnaround’s innovations are making waves in the global IT world by winning three awards in a single year (the JAX Innovation Award, Duke’s Choice Award and the Estonian Innovator of the Year Award), and growing the team size by 250% in 2011 alone.

So what did we talk about?

Well, President Ilves is not a JRebel user, so we described our first product line with gusto and snacks, then described LiveRebel and how we see the future of continuous deployment (and continuous delivery). More related to his interests, co-founders Jevgeni Kabanov and Toomas Römer discussed ZeroTurnaround’s global markets, spreading the good word and raising awareness about the Estonian IT sector and e-Estonia, our drive to hire the best developers in the Estonian market, and the company’s ambitious plans for 2012 and beyond.

Thank you, Mr. President, and hope to see you soon for a sauna visit! ;-)


Morning coffee between the man who created JRebel, Jevgeni Kabanov and The President of The Republic of Estonia, Mr Toomas Hendrik Ilves

From Tartu to the World: Mr President's visit was a huge honor to ZeroTurnaround's team and their efforts

How can we together bring Estonian innovative IT products and services into focus?

Pictures by Rein Raudjärv