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ZeroTurnaround lands in Stockholm for Jfokus


For the first time in a few years, ZeroTurnaround packed warm jumpers, hats, scarves and eye-brow warmers and set off to beautiful Stockholm for one of the best real developer conferences in the world – JFokus. As sponsors we had a booth which was constantly buzzing with chitter-chatter of JRebel and XRebel. We also showed demos on a 192” screen which we brought through as hand luggage from Tartu, Estonia. Below you can see our booth and awesome team in action.


Besides educating developers about our incredible products our awesome team has delivered a couple of talks at the conference itself too. You could have witnessed Oleg giving a session about monads. It’s always fun when you can explain a simple concept using words like typeclasses, endofunctors and katamorphisms. You can actually see how people eyes go blank with every slide you click forward. Just kidding! It was a great session, introductory to the functional programming and very practical. We started with defining a problem of callback hell and creating monadic code to solve it. The result was similar to what you can find in the CompletableFuture class but less verbose and coherent of course. The sketchiness of the resulting code didn’t stop us from discussing the laws of monads and how all higher order functions make use assume the behavior of monad instances is limited by those laws.

Simon gave a couple of sessions, one on application servers in the main auditorium, and another about application servers. Both actually started life as RebelLabs reports! How cool is that! You can check them both out too – The Adventurous Developers Guide to JVM Languages and The Great Application Server Debate.

Geert gave an amazing closing keynote, with a beautiful musical piece on his new instrument, called the Linnstrument. You can catch the recording below:

Oh and we gave away some t-shirts – What? you didn’t get one? Well you’re in luck! If you download our free 14 day JRebel trial and get it set up, we’ll send you your very own JRebel t-shirt!

Thank you and see you next time we’re on the road! Maybe JAX Mainz in April?