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ZeroTurnaround Expands CompSci Course Offering on “Java Fundamentals” to Tallinn University of Technology

The Tallinn University of Technology contains not only Java geeks, but also a parking lot made of water!

In mid-2012, ZeroTurnaround established a partnership in Estonia to offer a course called “Java Fundamentals” at Tartu University. With the current semester coming to a close, we’ve decided to take this a step further, expand and do the course at the Tallinn University of Technology. Based on the success and popularity of our Tartu course, it makes sense to expand this to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, as well.

The course is called ITI8905 (check or Java Fundamentals / Java Alusehitus (3 EAP) and will take place during spring semester Thursday 14.00-15.30 Room III-103. The course will be in English, so it is also suitable for foreign students. Students of IT College and Tallinn University are welcome to sign up.

“I didn’t have enough experience with J2EE and accompanying technology stack, but I’ve worked a lot with SE. Shortly after starting the Java Fundamentals course, I came to realize there’s all kinds of magic behind classes that I’ve been using daily, and this magic can be hacked! ZT guys proved to me that anyone can do that.” -Gleb, Java Fundamentals student

Java Fundamentals is not a course you take to learn Java. This is a course you take if you think you know it already. For the past 5 years we’ve been developing a tool called JRebel. To do that we needed to hack at the lowest level of the JVM. Every day, our engineers tackle some of the hardest issues on the Java platform. ClassLoaders, Java Memory Model, low-level IO, concurrency — these are all topics that we discuss daily over lunch. At one point we decided to share the knowledge accumulated over five years of hacking at the Java core.

“Really cool and interesting homework (with some exceptions, homework 6 and 7), much better than most of the programming classes I have taken at university. They are also awesome lectors, they really know what they are talking about.” -Kaur Mätas, Java Fundamentals student

Meet the Java Fundamentals all-star lector team:

  • Jevgeni Kabanov –Founder & CEO, international speaker, member of the Java EE 7 expert group
  • Toomas Römer –Founder & Director of Engineering, international speaker, male model
  • Anton Arhipov –JRebel product lead, international speaker, founder of
  • Pavel Grigorenko –PhD, LiveRebel Research Engineer, research includes model-based software development, automatic synthesis of Java programs
  • Rein Raudjärv –Employee #1, LiveRebel Senior Engineer
  • Lauri Tulmin –Employee #2, JRebel Senior Engineer, Resident Guru
  • Erkki Lindpere –JRebel Senior Engineer, Resident Scala Fanboy, Wannabe Language Designer
  • Arnel Pällo – JRebel Remoting Tech Lead, known as the student who turned into the most popular student portal in Estonia

Any questions? Want to take the course? Find class files inside kittens? Shoot us a comment!

  • sky


  • worriedStudent

    When will the course be held in Tartu Ülikool again? I cannot find it in the 2013/14 autumn semester course list.

  • No plans to have the course in 2013/2014 at any of the universities.

  • alisha


    Very nice information shared… i wanted to learn java because i want to switch from dotnet to java . The current project i am working on is on dotnet but i want to take java in my next project so i wanted to do training on java as i am working i don’t have time to attend classes so i am planning to do online java training course . One of my friend has recommended me link as she studies most of her online courses from WIZIQ. I don’t know how is it going to work for me , so anybody aware of this online java training course please let me know..

  • kpalaniswamy

    Should a graduate have knowledge of Java programming language to become a part of Quality Assurance Team at ZeroTurnaround?

  • arhan

    Familiarity with Java would not hurt, that’s for sure ;)

  • kpalaniswamy

    Yes. But familiarity is long way from expert. To be a part of Quality Assurance at ZeroTurnaround, is familiarity of Java enough?

  • arhan

    Java programming is not the primary task for the QA. But Java knowledge is beneficial of course.

  • Current plans to have the course in 2014 autumn again.

  • sido


    It looks like your Java fundamentals course is exactly what I need to become a better Java developer. I tried to get the course material for the lessons from
    the link at –

    The code used in the lessons is there in the link, but the pdf notes for the lessons have
    been removed. I tried looking elsewhere, but could not find them. If you don’t mind, can
    you please tell me where I can get the lecture notes and other material ? I could use it

    as a guideline for self-learning.

    As an aside, I suggest that you consider putting such courses on your website itself or on Udemy for better visibility and easy access.


  • arhan

    The pdf links are now fixed. Thanks for the heads up!


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