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ZeroTurnaround @ Devoxx 2013: awesome speakers, strong beer and.. geeks!

Each cold, windy November, we traditionally send a team of our best developers and marketeers over to a Belgium for Devoxx BE (for us already a 5th year!).

We enjoyed showing JRebel and LiveRebel demos to a literally thousands of devs and gave away a good bunch of our “Java is Cured” t-shirts. Due to some shipping shenanigans we ended up with a very minimalistic booth…which still attracted a tons of curious attendees. One guy was so impressed that he immediately pulled out his credit card and bought a license of JRebel for himself.

Our speaker, Geert Bevin, delivered two talks and ran two workshops. Both sessions were packed and the “Kickstart your Raspberry PI” workshops were especially fascinating to geeks looking at the Internet of Things (IoT).

It was great to catch up with  @evanchooly, @htmfilho@myfear@svenpet@asz and many other. Strong Belgian beer didn’t fail to spice up our evenings with a few comical stumbles but I’m glad to report that everyone has survived the trip in the end and no families will suffer.

Good job @Stephan007 (and everyone involved) and see you next year! Hope to see you at Devoxx FR 2014 too :)

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