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ZeroTurnaround cultivates new Java Superstars with “Java Fundamentals” university course

When you are a Java startup company that makes only two products (the award-winning Java solutions JRebel and LiveRebel), you sometimes feel like giving a little back to the community. ZeroTurnaround has excellent engineers with 5 years of hacking experience in Java, and we can now see a great opportunity (and also the necessity, given Estonia’s diminutive size and Java developer resource pool) to provide some knowledge, tips and tricks to Java enthusiasts in a university course called “Java Fundamentals”.

And so it was that yesterday, ZeroTurnaround’s Founder and CEO, Jevgeni Kabanov and Martin Hallik, Vice Rector of Academic Affairs at Tartu University, signed a cooperation contract to work together to raise the quality of IT-education in Estonia and provide more opportunities to IT students through university courses, scholarships and offers for thesis topics to research. See the official press release (in Estonian).

Martin Hallik, Vice Rector of Tartu University and Jevgeni Kabanov, founder and CEO of ZeroTurnaround after signing the cooperation contract: Now Java geeks can learn Java Fundamentals from Rockstar Engineers.

Build Java!

The new Java Fundamentals course (Course code in Tartu Uni: MTAT.03.279) teaches students the core concepts of Java and the JVM.  Multithreading, concurrency, memory model, heap dumps, profiling, performance tuning, meta programming will be tackled. All subjects are hands-on and require that the student writes & reads code and/or tunes the JVM. The goal of the course is teach the fundamental aspects of Java that every developer should know and thus be able to write almost any program in Java. Basically, learning how to build the plane not how to be a passenger in the plane.

After passing the course, students will be able to:

  • Write multithreaded Java code
  • Use Java 5 concurrency API
  • Read thread dumps
  • Profile Java applications
  • Understand Java memory model
  • Read and generate Java byte code
  • Know most important JVM flags

Our star team giving the course includes:

  • Jevgeni Kabanov, Founder & CEO, international speaker, member of the Java EE 7 expert group
  • Toomas Römer, Founder & Director of Engineering, international speaker, male model
  • Anton Arhipov, JRebel product lead, international speaker, co-founder of
  • Rein Raudjärv, Employee #1 in ZeroTurnaround, LiveRebel Senior Engineer
  • Lauri Tulmin, Employee #2 in ZeroTurnaround, JRebel Senior Engineer, Resident Guru

We are especially happy because the team giving the course has studied in the same institute in Tartu University and can now give back and inspire new geeks to find a way to combine science and business and make Java even better.

If you think you know Java and want to tackle some of the hardest issues on the Java platform on a daily basis, and study in Taru University, then look up the Java Fundamentals course and put yourself up for a challenge!