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ZeroTurnaround chats with Basement Coders, InfoQ and JAX

We’ve been getting a lot of sweet coverage lately. Maybe it’s our most recent award for LiveRebel at EclipseCon 2012, or the fact that we’ve hit up a pretty hardcore conference circuit already in 2012. Either way, it’s always good to get love from Basement Coders, InfoQ and JAX :-)

Basement Coders

The guys at Basement Coders are some of the most fun people to hang with in the Java industry (and they even gave this simple marketing droid a shout out on their website). They rocked out a funny, fierce podcast with Jevgeni that stretched for nearly an hour, and garnered no small amount of energetic feedback in the comments area. The main topic, outside of ZeroTurnaround’s product news, was OSGi, or, as Craig put it, “OSG-why?”. Not a bad question!

Look forward to seeing you guys at JavaOne 2012 :-)

Check out Basement Coder’s Episode 52 – JRebel, LiveRebel and OSGi with Jevgeni Kabanov


InfoQ’s Charles Humble and fearless leader Jevgeni Kabanov had a nice interview during QCon London about JRebel, LiveRebel and some of the challenges faces Devs and Ops teams these days. Click on the picture below to get to InfoQ’s interview with ZeroTurnaround CEO Jevgeni Kabanov

JAX Conference – Mainz, Germany

Toomas, our Director of Engineering and Founder, once told me he couldn’t handle German conferences any more because the 13-hour exhibitor and conference schedule was a little too rough. So what if both Toomas and Anton (our JRebel Product Lead), both gave talks on the same day at 830 AM! In any case, we met some good folks at JAX this year, and there was even an opportunity to lightly embarrass myself with an impromptu interview onsite – hopefully I was coherent enough to be understandable :-)