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ZeroTurnaround at the Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit, London

The ZeroTurnaround team is very often found prowling the plains in technical conferences, stalking their developer prey and strangely making everyone aware of their presence. They hunt in packs, typically of 3 or more, showing strength at conferences. At times they demo awesomeness to groups of developers, before retreating back to the watering hole later in the evening to keep spirits high. This is the natural habitat of the ZeroTurnaround beast. However, last week, the ZeroTurnaround pack went across to an unfamiliar terrain (Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit, London) where their prey roamed around in shirts and suits. So not to look out of place, the ZeroTurnaround pack, let by our pack leader, Jeremy Lopez, wore jackets, even though our bloody ZeroTurnaround shirts still shone through.

photo 3

The pace was very different to the usual conferences we attend, as were the conversations we had. Often in some of the larger conferences we’d only spend a minute or two talking to someone before we chat to somebody else, but at Gartner with an attendance of around 400 people, we were able to talk for longer and have more in depth conversations. Also, we had conversations with team architects or development team owners, rather than individual developers. So we typically had to talk about the business impact and advantages rather than the developers point of view of how we can make their jobs rock more.

While at London, Oliver and I managed to get a bit of skateboarding (watching) in:

We had some great discussions around JRebel and LiveRebel as well as some good insights while talking to the Gartner analysts about how we market our products and potentially where we should also look to market them.

The Red Hat team were there, and it’s always a pleasure to talk with them. We talked about the new RebelLabs Application Server Report and gave them a highlight as to how well JBoss had done! You can check out how well they did along with Jetty, Tomcat, GlassFish and the Liberty Profile.

We collected business cards throughout the conference for another awesome Nixon watch giveaway, and the lucky winner to be drawn was Chris Spalding who said that with the time he would save doing JRebel, he’d…. “do more work”. That’s the kind of innovation and out the box thinking that pushes the technical community! Congratulations again, Chris.