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ZeroTurnaround Acquires Javeleon

Creator of award-winning Java development solutions acquires technology and people that will accelerate infusion of superclass functionality

ZeroTurnaround Acquires Javeleon press releaseBoston – Mar 19, 2013 – ZeroTurnaround, creator of the award-winning Java development tool, JRebel, has acquired Javeleon, known for its research on dynamic update systems and tools that increase developer productivity. The acquisition includes exclusive rights to all related intellectual property.

The company’s co-founders Dr. Allan Gregersen and Michael Rasmussen will join forces with ZeroTurnaround’s product and engineering teams in Tartu and Tallinn, Estonia.

Javeleon was founded in 2012 to commercialize technology built upon research at the Maersk McKinney Moeller Institute at the University of Southern Denmark. Now, with Gregersen and Rasmussen on board, ZeroTurnaround has further asserted itself as the industry leader, dedicated to delivering better code faster and with less downtime.

“We are thrilled to be joining the ZeroTurnaround team, and excited to dive right in and help integrate the Javeleon technology with the JRebel product line. We have admired the ZeroTurnaround success story for years, and we believe our involvement will positively impact ZeroTurnaround’s future growth.”
– Dr. Allan Gregersen, Javeleon co-founder

“Software is everywhere and has an impact on every aspect of our lives. This creates more and more pressure for software developers to deliver high-quality code at ever-increasing levels of productivity. We welcome this opportunity to work with Allan and Michael, and we think our customers will be equally happy with the results.”
– Jevgeni Kabanov, ZeroTurnaround co-founder and CEO

javeleon acquired by zeroturnaround

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