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XRebel Share – Because Sharing is Caring!

XRebel, the lightweight Java Profiler, allows users to find potential issues as they code. One of the biggest feature requests we have had since introducing XRebel is the ability to export and share the details of a trace with your team. In XRebel 2.2, we are announcing a new feature called XRebel Share.


You can share views of Application Profiling traces, IO traces, and Exception traces. Every trace has a unique URL for sharing. You can save your Share to go back to later, or you can share it with your team members. Our CEO and founder Jevgeni Kabanov, was so excited about XRebel Share, that he created a video for you:


We also created some example XRebel Shares for you to explore:

A simple web request that spends most time in JSP:

SQL queries generated by JPA/Hibernate:

An exception logged to console:

SQL queries ran in another thread:

JIRA dashboard with 17 different web requests:

JIRA dashboard with 43 database queries:

JIRA issue – even the PNG lookups generate database queries:

JIRA marketplace page with 7 web services calls:

How can I use XRebel Share?

Simple! Just click the share button to share the current view! Sharing stores the current trace view and uploads it to Your team members can view the exact same snapshot at the URL provided.

Send the share link to others! Forward the unique share URL to your team members.

If you have questions or feedback, please post them in the comments below. We encourage you to download the XRebel Trial, and try sharing for yourself.