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XRebel 2.1.2 is available for download

Here is a update from the exciting world of XRebel. You can download XRebel 2.1.2 now!

Download XRebel 2.1.2

We are happy to release XRebel 2.1.2 which includes the following features:

Integration with MongoDB driver 3.0.0

XRebel has supported NoSQL profiling since release 1.1. However, when MongoDB released version 3.0.0 recently, the MongoDB driver 3.0.0 was refactored and not binary compatible with earlier versions. With XRebel 2.1.2 we now support all new commands and asynchronous calls for MongoDB 3.0.0.

Display incoming HTTP request details

If you are are interested in taking a deeper dive into the details of a HTTP request, we have a new feature enabling that as well! Clicking on the request line will expand the details of a HTTP request where you can get information related to the parameters, headers and the request payload (first 4kB)

XR 2.1.2 P3

Activation and registration dialogs redesign

The simplicity and usability of the XRebel UI had always been a high priority for us. With the new release you get a more polished trial registration and added ability to upload license files, you will still have the option of pasting the license token if you already have one.

XR 2.1.2 P1 XR 2.1.2 P2

It has also been an excellent three months since we released XRebel 2.0 with application profiling. Most of our customers have given us feedback, check out these awesome quotes…

“Worked with XRebel for three days. Initial experience is great. I liked how easy it was to install and get info. Monitoring and logging information for web server which we usually gather from several log files and firebug is at my fingertips in one place. Another great thing is that xrebel is very stable and looks like it doesn’t cause much overhead for the web server.”

“I like the addition of application profiling. And I really like that XRebel is lightweight and fast. We have other profilers, but XRebel gives us just what we need for more common performance issues.”