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XRebel 2.0 has landed! Now with Application Profiling!

NB! If you’d like to use XRebel in continuous integration setting, check out XRebel Hub, it does exactly that!

XRebel 2.0 is here and it is freaking amazing! When we developed XRebel, we had people wanting to buy it before it was even released. Now, this new release 2.0 takes XRebel to a new level with application profiling during the development cycle! You can now find performance bottlenecks during development and make your code scream (in a good way).


Awesome right? Try it free for 14 days now or keep reading :-)

New in XRebel 2.0:

  • Application profiling — Measure and display the performance of Java code.
  • Ability to handle very large HTTP sessions — The session component has been improved to work with massive HTTP sessions.
  • Support for large data sets — We have improved the display of huge data sets.
  • Extensive usability improvements — It makes doing complex things simple!

Does XRebel really do application profiling? Yup, we added this feature because it was one of the top requests from developers using XRebel. With the new application profiling feature you can easily…

  • Get immediate performance overview for each request
  • See time distribution within a request
  • Find the slowest methods
  • Get alerts for slow requests based on thresholds

Eager to see all these features in action? Check out this video for a quick demo

Here are just a few quotes from our beta customers to give you an idea of why you are crazy for not already clicking on the trial button (but thanks for reading my entire blogpost, I appreciate your persistence):

“I like the addition of application profiling. And I really like that XRebel is lightweight and fast. We have other profilers, but XRebel gives us just what we need for more common performance issues.”

“XRebel made me look good. In fact, my lead went and bought it for a few others on the team”

XRebel is the lightweight Java profiler that can make your code even more awesome! If you want to avoid seeing performance issues, be able to write code that does not require rework and spend more time doing what you love, like coding, watching Netflix marathons, or baking chocolate chip cookies (oh wait, that’s what I love doing :))… Anyways, try XRebel already!