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XRebel 1.2.1 Released

XRebel 1.2.1 is now available for download!

Download XRebel 1.2.1

Here are the highlights for this release:

  • Session component improvements. The session component now requires less heap space to handle HTTP snapshots.
  • Enhanced query presentation. The query formatter has been adjusted to work better with various SQL dialects. The SQL queries are formatted and highlighted, making it easier to read and quicker to identify queries which were actually executed.
  • UI tweaks for better usage on narrow displays. We have tuned the XRebel UI and it should now be a lot more suited for narrow displays.
  • Support for OpenJDK. We are now testing XRebel integrations with OpenJDK (in addition to Oracle HotSpot, Oracle JRockit and IBM J9).

For a complete list of updates, head over to the full changelog.