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We’re nominated for two Java Awards.. Beer4U!!

Although we’ve already made two very cool posts today (announcing the release of JRebel 4.0 and the release of the Updating Java EE in Production Report), there is some amazing news that we just received:

Both ZeroTurnaround and JRebel have been nominated for the JAX Innovation Awards!

JRebel is in the Most Innovative Java Technology category, and ZeroTurnaround is in the Most Innovative Java Company category. It is such a huge honor for us to be included in the same group as companies like Atlassian, Red Hat, CloudBees and TaskTop, and to have JRebel competing against technologies like Akka, Gradle, Clojure, and the Neo4j Graph Database… so we’re happy just to be listed!

That being said, we also really like winning, so, vote for us!! and tell your friends!!

Note: I bet that if you see us at a bar we’ll probably buy you a beer even if you don’t mention that you voted for us :-D

  • Congrats Dave and team, good luck, hope you win. Beer… yummmm