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Webinar recording: Reactive Spring

The recording of our April 18 webinar, Reactive Spring, is now available!

In this webinar, Sébastien Deleuze goes over the concept of Reactive Streams an makes and introduction to Reactive API.

Sébastien mentioned that the users of Reactive Streams will rather not implement the API directly. Instead, one should use the existing implementation: RxJava, Reactor, or Akka Streams.

Sébastien demonstrated how to build a reactive application using Spring 5.0, Spring Boot 2.0 and Java 8. He also explained how to use Spring Data Reactive and the new WebClient API. BTW, WebClient actually replaces RestTemplate in the new versions of Spring Framework.

The newest addition to Spring Framework, WebFlux functional API, was also covered. In the end, Sébastien explained why Kotlin is a very good choice for building reactive applications with Spring.