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vJUG write up: jOOQ: Get Back in Control of Your SQL


The vJUG’s second session in January saw Lukas Eder give us a really interesting SQL talk. Lukas led us through the pain points and pitfalls of different ways to use SQL from Java. We started with the pros and cons of writing raw SQL, then discussed how ORM solutions like Hibernate and JPA opt for different tradeoffs between simplicity of the interface and abstracting it away completely. Then we briefly touched the subject of NoSQL databases and Lukas’s strong opinions on that subject. To wrap it up we naturally continued into the wonderland of type safe Java DSL based SQL writing libraries, like jOOQ.

This was a great and inspiring session and everyone enjoyed it a lot. So check it out below, we know you want to.

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Here is the video replay of the whole session with Lukas:

And the full set of slides is available on Slideshare:

Exclusive Interview

Additionally, in 2015 we’re going to be interviewing all vJUG speakers, so Oleg grilled Lukas with some fun and interesting questions. Catch his video interview below:

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