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vJUG session with Sven Peters: “How To Do Kick-Ass Software Development”

In case you haven’t seen the film by the same title Kick-Ass is an ordinary guy who stepped up to criminals, took some knocks, got attacked with a knife and even run over, and then got up again and stood up to them. Sven Peters from Atlassian shows how we can also be kick-ass developers, standing up to some of the problems that exist in software development today which do knock us down.

Sven wants better software, less overhead, faster development, happy customers and happy developers. Sounds fair! He used to think Agile was the answer that solved all of these, but is it still?

Sven showed some really interesting Atlassian models, which shows developers using their design skillz and designers using their coding skillz. Yes, there were problems, but Sven outlines the benefits which Atlassian believe outweigh these.

Interaction with developers and the wider team is really important, so Sven goes on to tell us about how Atlassian use chat programs to maximise interactions.

Here is the history of the full IRC logs captured during the live session, from the vJUG community.