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vJUG session with GitHub’s Brent Beer & Matthew McCullough: “Drive-by Contributions”

Another great session over here at VirtualJUG–vJUG to our friends ;-)

The session covers the basics of how you can contribute to other projects as well as how to get more people contributing to a project you own on GitHub. Brent took us through a demo example application on GitHub and begun by forking the project and making changes through the GitHub web interface and committing those changes, before submitting a pull request to the original repository owner. Brent also shows us the command line interface and how we can clone a repository locally, create feature branches, pushing changes back up to the origin. Brent also discusses adding multiple remote endpoints and how you can fetch files from multiple sources.

We also looked at the networking aspects of GitHub and what it means to be social on GitHub, why it’s important to have connections with the community that share your interests.

The session is very much a GitHub training class more than anything else, so if you want to either solidify your Git and GitHub knowledge or get better understanding from scratch, you can see a lot of great tips and hints from Matthew inside the IRC chat text, which is available in this Google doc for anyone.

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