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Video: Creating HTML5 web apps in Scala with Vaadin CEO Joonas Lehtinen

Chances are you’ve seen Vaadin CEO Joonas Lehtinen quickly moving through the room at a Java conference someplace, Vaadin shirt on his back and a Macbook in hand. Personally, I know of only a few people that go to more Java conferences around the world than those of us in the ZeroTurnaround team, and Joonas is one of them.

So it was the Joonas found himself invited to return to GeekOut 2012 after coming to the premier of Estonia’s first Java technology conference, laptop in hand, with Vaadin books and t-shirts to give away.

Joonas’ talk, called Using Vaadin to Create HTML5 Enabled Web Apps in Pure Scala. Because the Scala toolset currently lacks an RIA platform allowing developers to create the user interface in pure Scala, Joonas goes over how to do make a Vaadin Scala project using Eclipse plugins. For you purists out there, everything is done in Scala only – no XML, HTML or JavaScript are needed.

Vaadin and ZeroTurnaround have been hanging out together for a while now, so watch out for this crazy Baltic duo at JavaOne and Devoxx later this year. Look for green lightsabers ;-)