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Two geeky hours with Java Rockstar Ed Burns

For those of your who missed GeekOut 2012, which was most of our non-Baltic users, we had a pretty awesome line up of speakers, sessions and parties.

Our keynote speaker at GeekOut ’12 was Ed Burns, who delivered an inspiring, entertaining talk called Rockstar Programmers, which included interviews with Java legends like James Gosling and compared a true rockstar programmer to Buckaroo Bonzai – brain surgeon, rock musician, ninja, private detective and test pilot. Here is his keynote:

Later on Day 1, Ed gave a technical talk on JSF 2.2, called He’s still talking about that? What’s new in JSF 2.2? If you think you know what’s going on these days with JSF, then confirm your awesomeness by hearing from the guy who would know:

GeekOut 2013 is already in the works – so stay tuned!