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Tom’s Dumb Hacks: How To Do Releases

There are certain topics that interest me a lot, and right now some are about how to effectively run a developer team, launch releases on time and make sure that our clients are also happy. So you can imagine that whenever I see a good piece of information I can learn from I jump right to it.

After watching Atlassian’s video on The Wrong Way to do Agile: Standups, I realised that maybe I can give something back to the community and also to Chet. From one professional to another.

So I made a quick video on how to prepare fully-tested releases where all the tests pass. You know how difficult it can get during the day of the release? For the whole sprint you’ve been making sure that the tests are green but always there are some pesky problems and couple of tests fail? Have no fear, Tom is here, get those red tests green in seconds! (Watch the video).

Hopefully this helps to improve the craftsmanship of engineering and bring the world better products quicker and with higher quality.