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Talk: How DevOps beats traditional IT Ops everytime (+more from DevOps Days)

Fun and geeky times at DevOps Days Austin 2013

DevOps Days Austin was the third vist by ZeroTurnaround to the international DevOps community; we had previously attended DevOps Days London and Paris, and we are heading to Berlin and Mountain View in the coming months.

Each time we visit the DevOps Days events, we have conversations and interactions that I feel like we don’t see often at conferences these days. In fact, we’re asking for help on a brief survey asking, “What makes an IT conference awesome?”…and, from a personal POV, DevOps Days is doing a lot of these things right.

“DevOps Days is a conference that’s unlike any other you’ve been to. Never before have I seen developers and operations people talk so openly and constructively about their problems, solutions and vision. More details on what struck me most in my upcoming blog post.” -Geert Bevin, Java Champion, LiveRebel Senior Engineer

I got 20 slides, 15 seconds for each….go!

DevOps Days Austin 2013 – ZeroTurnaround Ignite talk by Oliver White.

Above you can see a video of me delivering a quick presentation of the results of the IT Ops and DevOps Productivity Report 2013. The five-minute talk consisted of me bumbling through 20 slides at 15-second automated pace. Thankfully, this was more well-managed than my previous 2-minute company overview, which went almost to four minutes and came to a halt only after the frantic arm waving of “DevOps Daddy” Patrick Debois. (Thanks for the heads up Patrick!). The slides to the talk can be seen below on Slideshare.

Swag: 1-year license of JRebel + “The Unit” by Nixon


Along with our customary 1-year license of JRebel Enterprise, we joined up with Nixon watches for a giveaway of The Unit, their most popular watch. At this point, the folks using JRebel for free at myJRebel have already saved over 95.5 years of redeploys, so we thought we’ve give a watch out with our software so that you can measure how much time you save too!

The winner of our swag giveaway was Chris McClimans, aka the Hippie Hacker, a coder formerly with Opscode (who makes Chef) who recently shed his possession to travel with his family for a while before settling down on a passion fruit orchard in New Zealand. His plan? Mornings, him and his cohorts work in the orchard and brainstorm ideas. Afternoons, coding and hacking, just like before. Personally, I love the idea :-)

I’m glad that ZeroTurnaround is a committed platinum sponsor of the DevOps Days 2013 event year, and I invite you all to join this very cool community and culture, which is probably the most overlooked cornerstone of the entire DevOps. You can start the conversation here. All you need is a few minutes and an open mind. We only get places by talking first :-)

Up next: DevOps Days Berlin and DevOps Days Mountain View

  • @Oliver I can’t even read the report as fast as you bring it! ;)

  • Yeah, we do 2-3 technical reports every two months these days. Tons of stuff to look into, you know? But it’s ok Balder, I don’t expect you to read EVERY report that Rebel Labs produces… :-)