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Step-by-Step Tutorial: Setting up JRebel Remoting with IntelliJ IDEA and Tomcat

For various reasons, you might be forced into a situation when the application that you’re working on is running on a remote machine. In situations like this you would have to rebuild whole application, copy/synchronize it to remote host and redeploy the running application. The process might easily take up to 15 minutes – that’s a huge time sink!

JRebel Remoting lets you to hot-update the application over HTTP, thus making this feature specifically useful in the scenario when the application is running on a remote host.

If you wandered how would you use the Remoting feature with IntelliJ IDEA, we have a brand new tutorial for you:

Setting up JRebel Remoting with IntelliJ IDEA and Tomcat

The tutorial walks you through a simple application setup with JRebel Remoting, explaining the structure, configuration and trips & tricks of packaging the application for remote updates.

To learn more about JRebel, check out the Learn page for more documentation and tutorials!