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St. Patrick’s Day-JRebel Vacation Winner Selected…1 mile at a time

ZeroTurnaround’s Greg Keshian runs the race…

Throughout the year, thousands of marathons happen all around the world. Runners show up to the start, gut through 26.2 miles, get their finishing medals, and then head home with a sense of fulfillment. And though all marathons have their own heroic stories, there is something different about the Boston Marathon; after all it’s the world’s oldest annual marathon, dating back to 1897. Anything that brings together this many people in action deserves the respect of something magical in the air.

More importantly, every runner in this event must earn the right to even show up to the start line and since one of ZT’s best, Gregory Keshian, had qualified we decided to join those encouraging tales and determine the winner of our March giveaway based on our runner’s official finish place.

The promotion was a reflection of the Irish St. Patrick’s festival, and indeed the lucky dev will enjoy an all-expenses-paid, 5-day trip for two to Ireland. We cheerfully showed our commitment to the holiday by decorating and giving away an array of Irish gifts while at conferences and sharing celebratory videos and pictures through social media. Tagging something that is so representative of the ZeroTurnaround Boston Office on behalf of all Java rebels by accomplishing this huge historical task just made perfect sense. As I am, at best, a 10K kind of gal, it’s incredible for me to see how so many marathoners are willing and excited to push themselves past normal limits of human endurance for one awesome day.

So on Monday, April 15th…

We diligently tracked Greg’s progress mile by mile through updates on BBA. Posting pictures and keeping all the participants informed through social media. We were even able to catch him crossing the finish line at exactly 12:40PM.

Placing 187 out of approximately 28,000 runners (WAT?!) and completing the 26.2 miles in 2 hours, 37 minutes and 10 seconds, Greg beat his own record time and successfully selected the lucky dev that we are going to send on vacation. Soon after getting the official results we delivered the good news to the winner, Johnathan Burbea, a consultant at Solea Solutions.

He was thrilled to be the selected winner and expressed how much he has enjoyed working with our team at Zeroturnaround and our product JRebel. CONGRATS Jonathan! Not only is he saving tons of time by avoiding Java redeploys with JRebel but he is also taking a well-deserved retreat in 2014.

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to our winner Jonathan Burbea.  We’ll make sure to try and grab some photos from Jonathan after he returns from his trip to share with everyone.


Special note: This year’s Boston Marathon (2013) was the stage of great tragedy. We are thankful to say that Greg, our racer, had already completed the race at the time of the incident and his friends and family, as well as Zeroturnaround Boston office, are all safe. We send our deepest sympathy to those affected.  The city of Boston has truly pulled together to support everyone involved.  In addition to our thoughts and best wishes we are pledging a percentage of our April bookings to the victims of this tragedy.