Imagine a bacon-wrapped Ferrari. Still not better than our free technical reports.

So much love out there

To JB Whammie’s quote, “JRebel is the greatest tool in the world”, we say … better than an electric drill? In the world of Java, however, we agree with you! Thanks for spreading the word with this great feedback.

And Jamie Craane’s post says that can’t believe how much time JRebel saved him in a single day.

We are all just back from an intense and awesome week @ JavaOne/Oracle World in San Francisco – you can see how our “booth babes” Laura and Nataliya enjoyed the company of Duke below:

Thanks to everyone we knew that came by to support us and all those who became new friends…

  • JRebel is fantastic, I’ve helped all my colleagues get it up and running and they are sooooo grateful.