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Rebelcast Episode 9 – Java Web Frameworks

If you haven’t seen our popular Java Web Frameworks report well… this is the time to do it! As you can imagine, there is some controversy surround the opinionated report that compares Spring MVC, Grails, Vaadin, GWT, Wicket, Play, Struts and JSF together based on 8 functional areas, which ZeroTurnaround Founders Jevgeni and Toomas debate with great fury…

In this Rebelcast Episode, Tom and Jevgeni discuss the pros and cons of their preferred frameworks, with a nod to our friend Matt Raible, whose yearly review of Java Web Frameworks we think is a great resource. In general the choice of frameworks depends on the project size, scope of your team and expertise of those involved in the project. Though Grails and Vaadin were tied for Best Framework in the report, the guys have their own preferences to share: Tom likes the way that Struts maintains a stabile, conservative framework that doesn’t screw with changes to backwards compatibility, while Jevgeni’s next small project would feature a simple REST engine and some JavaScript if the scope remains simple enough.


  • Dominik Sienkiewicz

    For a small application I would use Vaadin and Spring in the engine. For something bigger JSF 2 + Spring