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Rebelcast Episode 8 – Reflections on Personal Time Management

In this latest Rebelcast episode, Jevgeni and Tom discuss different “time management” approaches–like avoiding time management altogether and procrastinating everything. ;-)

In order to accomplish all that is requested from us these demanding days, we have to find and utilize a system. Jevgeni continues to preach the wonders of Things as a primary task manager, an “only for apple products” service, due to its ability to juggle multiple tasks of various priorities that provide daily reminders and a max number of tasks per day. Toom is an advocate of Mailbox as a great mobile tool of proactive procrastination that, similar to Gmail updates, lets you see all incoming mail with the unique capability of being able to scan e-mail headers and push out messages quicker.

GTD – Getting Things Done- is essential to people’s personal and professional productivity, and it helps loosen the proactive procrastination or aggressive scheduling. When you have too many shores with constant changing deadlines, the biggest problem is catching up with that intimidating “to do” list. Jevgeni says “if you have 3 tasks to do every day you can see exactly everything you are accomplishing without the need to stress.” If you find the time to take more than those 3 tasks per day then you can move on to future endeavors.

Finding time to find a way to improve takes discipline, but if you discover a time management approach that suits your needs you will find yourself more relaxed and accomplished.

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