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Rebelcast Episode 7 – Pass on PaaS?

Although Platform as a Service (PaaS) technologies are grabbing headlines, stocking up on VC investment and creeping out of the early adopter phase of uptake, it’s still a new thing with a lot of questions around. Have you ever used platform as a service or thought of using it?

As active members of the technology sector it is important to study all the up and coming tools, and like all services, PaaS is tied together to the problem-solution cycle of the everyday production segment. At ZT, we’ve played around a bit with Amazon and Heroku, plus others like OpenShift and Cloudbees at differnt times. Toomas loves Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), but isn’t sold yet on PaaS. Jevgeni would be happy to know nothing about what’s happening in the background, as long as things are transparent, scalable and reversible (much like LiveRebel).

One can argue that if you use platform as a service you can focus your attention on the application at hand, yet at the same time as complexity grows you will have some issues to confront in the future. In the end, the market is still too young, niche players like are finding good success in their fields and Amazon has the biggest belly of them all.

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