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Rebelcast Episode 5 – Body hacks

In this Rebelcast episode, Jevgeni and Tom divert from the traditional coder profile to discuss what they do to maintain their incredible physiques–they’ve become very good at patiently explaining to modeling agencies that they are already employed running a successful software company.

Some things that the guys do for staying in shape and still meeting all their deadlines:

  • Find a physical activity (not Go or chess) that you don’t have to do alone (like Go or chess) so that the group motivation can keep you going …
  • Change your outlook! Workouts are like jobs. When you wake up to go to work, you don’t think much about it, but unlike a job, you do not get paid to exercise so you must look for something that gives you that motivation.
  • Keep up with the Go and chess, but realize that your body needs exercise just like those synapses.

Ultimately, physical exercise clears the clutter from your mind, since your in fact unable to form a single thought when being destroyed in an intense workout. From a physiological perspective, it increases dopamine and serotonin levels, making you feel good, energetic and smart.

Plus, being fit and intelligent is at once is a killer combination. Better than hipster Baywatch.