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Rebelcast Episode 17 – Here is why we still use Eclipse IDE

In our final Rebelcast from Prague, Jevgeni and Tom discuss Eclipse, the world’s most-used IDE. Jevgeni started using Eclipse when it was first released, and found that Eclipse through the ages has been a great IDE for developing Java (v2 was his favorite). At this point, Toomas is going to stick with Eclipse rather than spend time trying to learn other IDEs like IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans. Both agree that one of the best parts of Eclipse is that it has it’s own compiler, which was the big differentiator when it was released.

But wait a sec–why are these guys talking about something as well-known as the Eclipse IDE? Well, RebelLabs has recently released a report called “Using Eclipse for Java Development”. It covers all the resources you might need to go from n00b to ninja, all in one place, and the feedback has been really positive. The Eclipse Foundation even put it up on their homepage, calling it the best report they’ve seen from RebelLabs ;-)

Check out the report for yourself here: