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Rebelcast Episode 16 – Developer Productivity is for wimps!

Heeeeeey, isn’t Developer Productivity just for wimps? Why not just “increase the quality of the developers”, right? That’s why Jevgeni, a clueless business guy, wants to ask Toomas, the super engineer that doesn’t actually code much anymore, about some of the findings of our 4th annual Developer Productivity Report–until now, Jevgeni thought that developer productivity was just only needed for “poor quality” teams!

Among other things, the guys discuss how, like the TSA, engineers at ZeroTurnaround are randomly selected for code reviews. Automated testing adds huge gains to software quality and delivery predictability, but fixing code quality, which also brings nice gains, is less costly in terms of work hours to implement. There is much more to see in the full report, so here are some resources to offer you…

  1. Developer Productivity Report 2013 (full version):
  2. 11 Things We Now Know About Developer Productivity (a mini version of the report):
  3. 23 beautiful graphics representing the report findings: