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Rebelcast Episode 15 – JavaOne 2013 roundup over beers

Over beers late this afternoon in Prague, Tom and JK met up to discuss how JavaOne 2013 San Francisco was. Even though Tom was sick with a Man Cold for literally the entire trip, he did get out long enough to infect the entire audience of the Java community keynote session. Through his hallucinations, he managed to remember a talk on (paraphrased) the past, present and future of the JVM, and even recalls an excited James Gosling, the founder of Java, logging into one of his new marine robots and showing the audience a bit of action with that.

Jevgeni spent time all over the place, from the expo floor, where he visited with a lot of friends (Hi Kirk!), and got to see how our comrades at Vaadin, Cloudbees, JFrog, Liferay & Red Hat were faring. Keeping up with last year, our ZeroTurnaround party was pretty great again–so cool, in fact, that Jevgeni nearly got kicked out of his own party for attempting a gymnastics-based suicide in front of 100 well-known guests.

All in all, it was pretty great and there were no injuries or arrests in 2013. Although, there were some memorable interactions with some of the local vagrants, unfortunately not of the Hashicorp persuasion. Until next year!