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Rebelcast Episode 14 – Java EE 7 with Antonio Goncalves (recorded onsite at JavaOne 2013)

Recorded live at JavaOne 2013, this Rebelcast features special guest Antonio Goncalves, Java’s very own bête noire ;-) Returning to JavaOne for the first time since 2008, Antonio was both pleased at the great amount of excellent technical talks and a little dismayed at the fact that JavaOne is now spread across various hotels around San Francisco (JavaOne had the much larger Moscone Center back in the day).

But the main topic of this Rebelcast was Java EE 7, something that Oracle spend time emphasizing during JavaOne in light of Java 8’s release delayed until early 2014. We haven’t seen Antonio, who is on the Java EE spec request and JCP boards, for a while because he was literally writing “Beginning Java EE 7”, a book that is designed to help beginners actually get started with Java EE 7.

The issue is that there exists no single source of info on Java EE 7, whether it’s in the Java EE spec, or spread across various implementations, websites and publishing houses. But where does a new-to-Java-EE dev get started?

By the way, here are the top 3 things that Antonio Better code portability, better batch processing with a standard batch API and an improved REST API with JAX-RS v2. Check out Antonio’s book for more (but don’t touch it).

That’s all for now. Ketchaaa!