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Rebelcast Episode 1 – Startups, One-dollar Apps and Time

Welcome to the ZeroTurnaround premiere episode with our company founders Toomas Romer and Jevgeni Kabanov. Benefit from newly created and curated series of videos that cover everything from opinions, practices, references, and suggestions of the best technology, trends, conferences, corporate shenanigans, and so much more. This is not a lecture is more like a playful and insightful take on what we consider relevant and worthy of our time. We scour the industry for the most talked about topics and dilemmas to share with you geeks of the world. These chats have a long life serving as virtual reference library ready to use anytime.

To kick off the discussions, in this video Jevgeni and Toomas chat about start-ups currency, the effect of free and one-dollar apps and the catch 22 of time allocation between budgets and productivity.

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  • Oliver White

    Toomas, what are you doing in the beginning? Jaws of life? ;-)