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Party@JavaOne with ZeroTurnaround (booth #5510)

Going to JavaOne in San Francisco, Oct 2-6th?

Come visit booth #5100 and get geeky with ZeroTurnaround. See some JRebel & LiveRebel demos, have a beer, eat small hot dogs off a stainless steel platter. You know, like any normal Tuesday.

There will be a bunch of ZeroTurnaround folks at JavaOne this year, and Jevgeni will be speaking at four sessions during JavaOne. Check out these sessions:

  1. Why Doesn’t Java Have Instant Turnaround?
    Time: Oct 3rd, Monday, 04:00 PM, Parc 55 – Divisidero
  2. How Do You Update Your Java EE App in Production?
    Time: Oct 4th, Tuesday, 06:30 PM, Hilton San Francisco – Plaza A/B
  3. Do You Really Get Class Loaders?
    Time: Oct 6th, Thursday, 11:00 AM, Hilton San Francisco – Plaza A/B
  4. Do You Really Get Memory?
    Time: Oct 6th, Thursday, 02:00 PM, Hilton San Francisco – Plaza A/B

We’ll have free licenses of JRebel and LiveRebel, some lovely booth girls, and some soft marketing toys to throw at people.

Come have fun with the ZeroTurnaround team – stop by Booth #5510 or ping us @jrebel to join forces at the after-after-after-party.

p.s. JRebel Social had over 700 people sign up in the first couple of days. Check it out: