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New UI for IntelliJ IDEA Users!

JRebel is a productivity tool for Java developers that eliminates waiting for application redeploys. Our research shows that the average wait time for the build and redeploy process is 3.1 minutes, and an average developer redeploys around 4 times an hour. JRebel’s instant class and configuration reloading will eliminate this wasted time and make your Java development a smooth ride without unwanted pauses. Check it out by installing JRebel for IntelliJ IDE plugin!

We are excited to announce that for users of IntelliJ, getting started with JRebel is now easy as pie. JRebel supports multiple ways of running your application server: via IDE, from command line, or remotely (on a separate machine). We have worked hard to make sure you follow the right configuration path and don’t get lost during the setup.

The first way to start your server is inside the IntelliJ itself. In that case, you can just choose to start the server with or without the JRebel agent from the IntelliJ toolbar or run menu every time you start it.

The second option for server startup is from the command line with server startup scripts. For this scenario, we provide detailed instructions inside IntelliJ to make sure you will succeed in tweaking the startup scripts to turn JRebel on for your specific server.

The third way to develop your application with JRebel is when you run the application server on a remote machine – be it a hosted virtual machine, your corporate server box or a server in cloud. Here, JRebel takes an extra step to make your life easier – you can synchronize your changes to the server without having to transfer your whole application over the network every time you have changed it. You can just send the changes and let JRebel do the reloading on the other end.

Regardless of which way you run your application, the new JRebel plugin for IntelliJ IDEA will more perfectly guide you through the setup process. Install the JRebel for IntelliJ IDE plugin now, get your free 14-day trial, and convince yourself that Java development without redeploys is a completely different story!