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New Jenkins-LiveRebel Plugin Safely Deploys Apps with No Downtime

Developers use awesome processes, project management tools and CI servers (such as Jenkins) to coordinate tasks and quickly integrate changes into app feature branches or the trunk. But building applications is only half the job to be done.

Releasing apps through QA, production and to your users can be repetitive, but it takes care and finesse. Often, this means running scripts to provision and configure servers, deploy artifacts, copy files over, update databases, and run tests in a specific order. The problem is that this is often done manually, which is error-prone; and if you make a mistake, your app and users are dead in the water. No fun!

Just Released: All-New LiveRebel Plugin for Jenkins

Automatically deploy apps straight from Jenkins with zero downtime. Failed deployments are fully reversed. Your users won’t feel a thing. The LiveRebel plugin for Jenkins integrates Jenkins with your LiveRebel installation. It helps you automate safely and take control of release processes that can otherwise be tediously repetitive and error-prone. Since users are not disrupted, you can push app updates frequently and during business hours a.k.a. practice continuous delivery. LiveRebel’s plugin for Jenkins can:

  • run release scripts (Puppet, Chef or custom) to provision servers, configure them, etc. 
  • deploy app changes with zero downtime
  • update databases and deploy static content (images, files, etc.) new feature
  • run smoke tests and rollback changes if the deployment were to fail


Continuous Delivery Pipeline with Jenkins and LiveRebel

Here’s why the LiveRebel Plugin for Jenkins is Awesome

Jenkins can FTP artifacts for you. So why do you need LiveRebel to automate deployments? Here’s why:

  • Bundle all release artifacts into one package. So you don’t have to be worried about missing scripts or accidentally using the wrong version while updating production environments.
  • Run release scripts, app and database updates. Let LiveRebel provision and configure your environments, deploy your application, and run database updates. Then you can fully automate your orchestrated release processes.
  • Get staged, zero-downtime app updates. LiveRebel updates servers in stages using a rolling restart approach, so that users are not interrupted. Let LiveRebel run test scripts that you provide, at the end of each stage.
  • Achieve failsafe deployments with rollback. If deployments or tests fail, LiveRebel automatically rolls back changes to the app, database and configuration. Users are fully shielded from deployment failures.
  • Fully automate the release pipeline! By integrating Jenkins and LiveRebel using the latest plugin version, engineers can fully automate releases with all the necessary tests and processes in place.

Try it Yourself!

Get LiveRebel for free and install the LiveRebel plugin for Jenkins or Hudson. You’re done! Tweet us at @LiveRebel when you’ve given it a try, or if you have any questions. Continuous delivery FTW!