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Mind the geek! ZeroTurnaround visits Devoxx UK


Over 400 geeks met up in London again for the first edition of Devoxx UK. The conference, held in awesome Business Design Centre, had more than a friendly feel (very much like LJC un-conference) and an impressive speaker line up including Arun Grupta, Kirk Pepperdine, Attila Szegedi, Charles Nutter, Trisha Gee and Manik Surtani. The energy and effort LJC folks have put into this event was great!

Our tech evangelist, Simon Maple, talked about JVM languages to about 80 geeks and got very positive feedback. A couple of days later he went to Devoxx FR  and presented to a packed room of over 200 devs.

As it was still March and last minutes of our St. Patrick’s Day campaign were ticking, we decided to give away a bottle of good old Jameson whiskey for the best tweet, which was from ‏@Dankeris: I have been using #jrebel for 2 years now – saved a pack of penguins in Antarctica :)

Apart from that, a serious Twitter traffic continued during the event:

  • @twasyl1h: There is a Jameson bottle you can win at the #jrebelluck stand at #devoxxuk. Amazing isn’t? English spirit!
  • @apuchau23m:  At #DevoxxUK, with the nice guys of #JRebel. I really need my company getting a license for me, its simply great
  • ‏@rgransberger19m: Just been at the #JRebel booth at #DevoxxUK and learned about hot swapping static methods in eclipse. Cool! :)

We are looking forward to Devoxx UK and FR 2014 and to more coffee and cookies! :)