Imagine a bacon-wrapped Ferrari. Still not better than our free technical reports.

Marketing Revealed: Why We Ask for Your Contact Info

NB: here are some things we hope we don’t do now, or ever in the future, with your contact information:

  • Send you stuff you don’t want, and didn’t ask for
  • Contact you more often than you’d like
  • Use your data in any unethical or naughty way (and if it happens, please tell us!)
  • Use it to zombie-out on the brains of your children (joke!)

So if this is happening, it helps to tell us so we can correct it! You can write me directly at

When ZeroTurnaround asks you for your contact details, it’s not to ruin your life with spam, viruses or offers for cheap medication. We ask for your contact info in exchange for free software licenses, product registrations and research/report/tutorial downloads so that we can better understand what you’re looking for, and to keep away other stuff you aren’t interested in.

Why do you want my contact details?

I want to reveal a secret about how Marketing works at ZeroTurnaround: we have good intentions at heart. See, this is a picture of me trying to do a pull-up on the left. Do I look like a guy who might abuse your data? Thank you for not answering that.

My question to you: Is it appropriate to ask for your contact details in exchange for a free software license, product download, or an industry report? (tell us in the embedded survey below!) Your details and preferences help us immensely – the more we know about you, the better we can figure out what you want to see. Then we can provide it to you, if you want. Easy!

ZeroTurnaround hangs out a lot with the FOSS community, so sometimes it comes as a surprise that our products are not free (although we do offer free JRebel licenses for FOSS projects). We are, in fact, a commercial organization that keeps the roofs over our families’ heads by selling productivity software to people who want to benefit from our products and research. And your data helps us do that.

How does your data help us?

It doesn’t bear repeating that “information is valuable” and can be a leading factor in the survival of small, unfunded companies like ZeroTurnaround. When we release a report that took a month to create and dozens of man-hours from different employees, we are required to get some kind of measurable return; otherwise, our ability to create new content that our readers enjoy will diminish over time.

According to modern thought in business, when dealing with the new rules of web-based engagement, receiving opt-in information from users in exchange for our reports, articles, technical series and other stuff is a good trade. Preferred in fact.

But it is a double-edged sword. We don’t want to hurt our relationship by sending you stuff that doesn’t interest you, but we also want to ensure that you know about a) our products and services in which you have already shown interest b) our in-house research analysis, reports & tutorials and c) more about our industry and our company.

So what do we do with your data?

Often, we only have a brief moment lasting just a few seconds to borrow your eyes long enough to show your something of potential interest. We know that. So we spend the first rounds with your data simply trying to understand what you are looking for.

I personally dedicate a lot of time chatting with people and communities, brainstorming about what content you’d like to see more of. Once we figure something cool out, like our extremely popular Developer Productivity Report 2012, for example, we want to see if you like it.

If you do, then this means that you could receive a few emails from us, or maybe even a quick chat to see if you have any recommendations to help us build better reports & products in the future. We try hard to maintain a good position for collecting information of this kind, but we always depend on your input to help us understand exactly which content matters to you.

And if receiving follow-up communication is too much contact for you, then you can always unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of every email we issue, or tell the person who calls you to remove you from our list. Even better, you can write me personally and I will make sure you get pulled off our lists.

Does this sound reasonable? Tell us here…

Seem fair to you? If not, please complain to me directly at – but then I’ll have your email address! ;-)

  • Hani

    There’s a difference between asking for contact information, and receiving multiple unsolicited phone calls (which you have done to me). I don’t mind the sporadic email (unsubscribing is easy), but receiving a phone call in this day and age is far too invasive when I never expressed an interest in being called.

  • Hani, you are absolutely right – and thanks for commenting. We’ve been spending a lot of hours getting our systems set up so that we can avoid this, but unfortunately some things slip through the cracks, especially when people register with us for multiple products, reports or trials with different email addresses. So, we’re constantly striving to make sure that no one hears from us too much. Send your email address to me at and I will make sure you stop getting called asap! :-)

  • tiago

    you called me four times in two weeks, and every time i told you that i am not interestet in trying ouf jrebel and to please never call me again, i can now assure you that i will not only never user jrebel – i will also tell every other java developer i know to never try it because of that annoying calls

  • Alex Bauer

    So, cold calling someone from a LinkedIn profile is OK with you? Because it’s not with me and many others, I suspect.

  • Cristina

    We’ve been cold called again (dozens of calls)!! Every time your company tries a new employee to talk to about your software and after telling multiples zeroturaround callers that we are not interested, you don’t seem to get the idea!Yesterday a ‘Hayden’ calls from a different company name wanting to speak to one of our employees. He calls again, same name but this time from ‘IBM’ and says he is a ‘buddy’ of the employee. I asked him to email us as my colleague has never heard of him and guess what company he was emailing from? zeroturnaround!! Frankly, your company is dodgy. I regret the day one of our employees gave you our details because now we cannot get rid of you!

  • Namit

    I have been receiving phone calls from ZeroTurnAround every two or three months. I have made it clear that I am not in charge of the choice of software multiple times and yet, I get the calls in the middle of my work which are very annoying. Please note that such an aggressive marketing campaign is not healthy. When I have made it clear that I cannot choose your product (it is not upto me), you calling me again and again shows that you do not respect my response. Please unsubscribe me from any calls here after.

  • Robert Hall

    Cold calling someone at their employer is very rude. Just happened to me and the guy in the next cubicle. Probably mined our LinkedIn info.