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LiveRebel wins Eclipse’s 2012 Hot New Product Award

While it IS true that we don’t take home awards every day, this is in fact the 4th medal of honor that ZeroTurnaround has received in the last 9 months: since June of last year, we’ve taken home the JAX Innovation Award, the Duke’s Choice Award/Oracle Innovation Award and the Estonian Innovator of the Year Award.

ZeroTurnaround spent a few hard days talking with hundreds of people at EclipseCon, showing JRebel and LiveRebel demos to the point where we all lost our voices. By the time the award ceremony was upon us, my mind had unraveled to the point where I literally took our booth placard down, carved it up with a box cutter and wore it as a sandwich board (see below):

(From left: Sang Shin (JRebel Evangelist), Oliver White (me, Markitect), Dave Shevett (LiveRebel Evangelist) and Ian Skerret (Director of Marketing at Eclipse)

I suppose the effect speaks for itself :-)

Thanks to all EclipseCon folks who believe that there is another way to work with Java – with instant application hotpatching and no user sessions interrupted using LiveRebel. Download LiveRebel free for 30 days, and bring Continuous Delivery in to your deployment process.