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LiveRebel team visits zee JAX Mainz

For the 2nd year, ZeroTurnaround sponsored (website down for maintenance today.. .. looks like they need LiveRebel ;) in the land of pretzels and sasages. The weather was beautiful and the catering even better!

We introduced LiveRebel to a large existing JRebel customer base and showed hundreds of demos. Patrick has organized a raffle for which we contributed our prize – 10 server license of LiveRebel – which went to a lucky guy Martin Steger and made his day brighter.

As we didnt know many of the JAX speakers (mostly German) and there were no spectacular parties going on (except for the VIP reception on the 1st day, which was pretty good) we dedided to explore the city of Mainz and the charm of local cuisine (curry sausages!) and beer….mmm.

This year JAX seemed to consist of about ⅔ devs and operations and about 1/3 recruiters and consultants, but it was easy to see the difference: devs dont often wear suits and ties to conferences ;-)

Next up for the ZeroTurnaround team: Gartner AADI London so watch out for bloody t-shirts!

Have a productive day.