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LiveRebel-Jenkins Deploy Plugin 1.0-M2 Released

Today we announce a new milestone for our Jenkins/Hudson plugin for LiveRebel. We’ve added some new features to the LiveRebel 1.2 branch, the main addition being the ability to restart your application server for a clean deploy when hot-patching is not compatible (you will need to downoad LiveRebel 1.2-M2 to test this new plugin version). Right now we call it “Offline update”.


  • Support for Offline update
  • Granular server selection
  • Server status information
  • Dropping the Cargo backend

Choose Your Strategy

By default, LiveRebel will try to hot-patch your application. It will run a compatibility check as usual and fall back to an offline update only if the application is incompatible. But with this new release, you can now fall back to the offline update when the result is Compatible with Warnings – just for a little extra peace of mind for automatic updates.

Update strategy

Select Your Server

Now you can choose which servers to deploy and update if you have a larger server park. When configuring a job, just select the servers you are interested in from the server list, which is queried from the running LiveRebel Command Center.

Server selection

Our next major release of LiveRebel 1.2 is planned for January 2012, and with it will come this plugin. We’d love to hear your suggestions for making this plugin awesome, so feel free to test it and give us your feedback. The plugin project (and the source code) is hosted at our github project.

For Installation: You can install the plugin from inside your Hudson/Jenkins interface, as it is available in the respective repositories.