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LiveRebel 1.1-M2 Released, includes full Application Lifecycle control

Last week was pretty good, thanks for asking. We’re all booked up for JavaOne (come geek out with us at booth #5510, and get a free JRebel or LiveRebel license) and the Jenkins User Conference in San Francisco in early October, and persistently edging towards our 1.1 release planned for the same time. Today we are releasing the first public version of it, Milestone 2. The release candidate is planned for next Friday. The main features of the 1.1 branch is full control of the application lifecycle. This means you can use LiveRebel to do your initial deploy, updates and undeploy. Also the CLI has matured a lot and has more *nix like tool features. For a complete changes check out the changelog. You can grab this release from the LiveRebel archives page.