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LiveRebel 1.0.1 Released

It’s not surprising that directly after the release of LiveRebel 1.0 last month, we’ve been working hard on get the next version of LiveRebel ready – v1.0.1. To briefly sum up, we have been working on:

  • Support for more Java EE Containers – WebSphere, WebLogic
  • Real-life testing of 10GB+ of WAR files
  • Started working on a Jenkins/Hudson plugin
  • LiveRebel Scripting

Support for more Java EE Containers

Our main focus in this release has been to add support for more Java EE containers. This job involves adding the beta containers into our test suite and creating container-specific tests. Of course, these tests need to earn a PASS before we can take a container out of beta. With this release we bring IBM WebSphere and Oracle WebLogic fully out of the beta phase.

Real-life testing of 10GB+ of WAR files

At the same time, we’ve been using a lot of our internal tooling to analyze a large number of WAR files. We’ve gone over 10GB of web application versions to test our tooling on real-life projects. The results from this will be released in due time, once all the info is analyzed. This process has brought couple of fixes to our command-line tooling.

Jenkins/Hudson Plugin for LiveRebel

During this time we started work on the Jenkins/Hudson plugin. This means that you can use LiveRebel to deploy artefacts built with your CI to staging or production. This initiative is still in beta right now but this also has introduced some new internal features and fixes.

LiveRebel Scripting

One other direction we are moving to is the scripting of LiveRebel. We’ve released CLI documentation and also a how-to article on scripting LiveRebel with Bash. This department will have some new features in the following release and there are also articles in the pipeline on how to script against our REST API.

All in all, it has been a really busy month for us. Besides moving into a new office with Starcraft TV and hiring like crazy, we’ve been able to bring many fixes and changes to LiveRebel. Checkout the full changelog and head off to download your copy – LiveRebel is still free for 90 days here!