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Live Webinar 11/28 by Jevgeni Kabanov: Do You Really Get Classloaders?

Have you ever wondered why classloaders in Java leak? How to fix NoClassDefFoundError and LinkageError? How objects, classes and classloaders all interact in the bigger picture on the JVM?

Classloaders are at the core of the Java language. Java EE containers, OSGi, various web frameworks and other tools use classloaders (aka class loaders) heavily. Yet, when something goes wrong with classloading, would you know how to solve it?

“Do You Really Get Classloaders?” is Jevgeni’s popular talk delivered dozens of times all around the world, and the recent RebelLabs report, join us live on the interwebs Wednesday, November 28th at 11:00 Eastern Standard Time and step into the complex, frightful domain of Java classloaders…