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Last LiveRebel Beta Milestone (M12) Released

We have just released the last milestone of LiveRebel Beta, M12. We will continue with release candidates from this point on. We were able to complete all the features critical for 1.0

  • We redesigned the UI and reworked UX (thank you guys at Fraktal)
  • We reduced runtime performance overhead to under 3%, as measured by SpecJVM2008 (a 5x improvement over previous milestones)
  • We upgraded internal Play! Framework to version 1.2

The only feature that we have yet to deliver is LiveRebel Failover. You can have multiple Command Centers in charge of your cluster. This ensures that you don’t need to make changes to your cluster when something happens with your command center machine. This is something planned for RC1 due Friday the 29th.

In the meantime, check out our survey, How do you update your Java EE app in production? It’s a single page that takes a couple minutes to fill out…plus it lets you try to prove Jevgeni, our CTO, wrong about his assumptions!

Other than that please get a shiny new copy of LiveRebel at our download page. Be sure to do a fresh installation.